Evolution of One-Time Password Service Generator

The Objective of a one-time Document generator is to make it more challenging to acquire unauthorized access to limited resources, like a bank account or a database with sensitive information. Static user names and passwords could be obtained more easily by an unauthorized intruder given enough efforts and time. By continuously changing the password, as is done with a onetime password, this threat can be significantly reduced. Traditional authentication options that matter one time passwords, take advantage of a key fob or hardware token to generate OTPs. The price and upkeep of these tokens, in addition to the distribution and management, needs more logistical resources in addition to additional costs.The Solid Pass System offers several benefits over existing solutions and has been developed to significantly reduce overhead and maintenance price. It is software-based for the apparatus that the clients already have, easily installed and deployed using a simple tutorial to the end user. PIN control for OTP creation is alternative.

Solid Pass Supports the following powerful two-factor authentication methods:

  • Event-based One-Time Password
  • Time-based One-Time Password
  • Security Question
  • Challenge-Response
  • Transaction Data Signing
  • Mutual Authentication
  • Mobile Token Convenience

The key Advantage of this mobile token is that there aren’t any new apparatus or wallet-fillers for clients an addition to the device they carry everywhere. Since customers already have the hardware the mobile phone, Solid Pass can be supplied and managed in a fraction of the real cost of a hardware token solution. Because of its flexible frame, the program may also be upgraded to guard against new security threats.Solid otp service Pass Works on a range of different cellular platforms both smartphones and feature.Solid pass mobile tokens include the following:

  • Android Event-based Token
  • Blackberry Event-based Token
  • Brew Event-based Token
  • iPhone Event-based Token
  • Java ME Token Event-based J2ME
  • Mobile Linux Event-based Token
  • Palm Event-based Token
  • Symbian Event-based Token
  • Windows Mobile Event-based Token
  • Desktop Soft Token

Solid Pass Additionally supports desktop-based software tokens also. Solid Pass is A software authentication token constructed such that it can be utilised as a standalone product or embedded in mobile applications like mobile banking. Thus, strong authentication can be built into standalone portable programs or PC applications.Regulatory Demands are pressuring organizations to adopt stronger authentication procedures and to secure access to information systems and software. Static username/password identity management no longer offer enough security to authenticate users correctly. This has led to embracing two-factor authentication systems.

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