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Jack Russell Top 100: The world's best Jack Russell Terrier Breeders

Allevamento e Selezione del Jack Russell Terrier proveniente dalle Migliori Linee di Sangue Australiano ed Estero. Presenti in Allevamento Campioni di Bellezza Plurititolati

2. Jack Beauty - --> WEBCAM <----
Breeder of Jack Russell Terriers, Australian lines. Rough coated and broken coated. Pedigree dogs only. Our dogs grow up in our home. Check our Jack Russell puppy photo album and updated video clips

3. Falling Branch short Jack Russell Terriers/Russell Terriers
Short legged Jack Russell Terriers, AKC and UKC registered, health tested, top Australian bloodlines

4. Kermalor Kennels Victoria Australia
Please visit our website to learn more about Kermalor Kennels and our beautiful Jack Russells

5. Mountain Fork *USA European Direct Imported (Jack) Russell Terriers
European direct imported Russell Terriers for that extra Wow! Parents are foreign imported DNA tested and dual registered with AKC. Australian, Polish, Russian and Italian perfected bloodlines. Bringing Europe to the USA with rough coats and short legs!

6. House Of Jacks, Showdogs of Australian bloodlines
Kennel House Of Jacks is a small kennel with focus upon the Jack Russell Terriers versatility when it comes to quality and mental health as well as its abilities as a working dog. Our purpose is to breed dogs within the FCI standards. 27/4 WE GOT PUPPIES



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